Congress Rental Network (CRN) is a worldwide network of companies that offer the latest Bosch equipment for rental. Duoson Multimédia is proud to be the only company in good standing with the CRN in Canada!

The America’s Region

flag-argentina ARGENTINA Congress Rental Argentina
flag-canada CANADA Duoson Multimedia
flag-chile CHILE Magix Congress
Colombia-e1441414821498 COLOMBIA Congress Columbia
flag-mexico MEXICO Van Der Corp S.A.
1441432665_Peru-e1441414932282 PERU Melvi SAC
flag-usa USA Congress Rental

Europe, Middle East and Africa Region

flag-austria AUSTRIA Kongresstechnik GmbH
flag-bulgaria BULGARIA KTBG Kongresstechnik
flag-chile CROATIA Tehnozavod CRN d.o.o
flag-chech-1 CZECH REPUBLIC ProMoPro s.r.o.
flag-denmark DANEMARK Teletech Conference Communications
flag-france FRANCE I.S. Communication Aucop
flag-germany GERMANY Elakustik GmbH
flag-greece GREECE P.C. Podimatas S.A.
flag-hungary HUNGATY CRN Hungary Ltd
flag-italy ITALIA TC Group
flag-latvia LATVIA KT Serviss SIA
flag-malta MALTA Studio 7 Co Ltd
flag-netherland NETHERLANDS Jacot Audiovisueel
flag-poland POLAND BSC Congress Rental
flag-portugal PORTUGAL Alfasom S.A.
flag-romania ROMANIA Congress Rental Ltd
flag-serbia SERBIA Congress Rental Serbia
flag-slovenia SLOVENIA Robotrade, d.o.o
flag-spain SPAIN Alfasom S.A.
flag-sweden SWEDEN Alfasom S.A.
flag-uk UK Westminster Sonus
flag-turkey TURKEY Consys Communications
flag-emirates-1 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Congress Rental Emirates
flag-africa SOUTH AFRICA Congress Rental S. Africa Pty Ltd
flag-switzerland SWITZERLAND Dorier S.A.

Asia Pasific Region

flag-australia AUSTRALIA Congress Rental
flag-hongkong HONG KONG Polyglot Translations
flag-malasya MALAYSIA AV Image Systems Sdn Bhd
flag-singapore SINGAPOUR Congress Rental Pte Ltd
flag-southKorea SOUTH KOREA Panorama Media
flag-taiwan TAIWAN GIS Congress Rental Co Ltd
flag-thailand THAILAND Numthip Associates

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