The attention paid to the details and planning of your event will determine its success. Whether it is for an international congress, a virtual symposium, a business meeting, a multilingual event or a press conference, at Duoson Multimedia, we are committed to putting our expertise to work in the organization and execution of your event.

Our experienced team will assist you throughout the process, from the choice of the venue to the planning of the schedule, through the creation of room plans or the management of the technical teams.

An effective presentation involves a host of small details. We understand that each one is of paramount importance.

Since 1981, the team at Duoson Multimedia has become a leader in the management of the numerous logistical aspects surrounding the audiovisual support of events. Whatever the size of the mandate, our supervision is always  thorough and competent. Every stage of the schedule and every piece of equipment are carefully monitored so as to leave nothing to chance. Your peace of mind is an integral part of the product we deliver.

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