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We can say without a doubt the past year has been one full of challenges. As far as events go, the situation paved the way for new technologies to be used in new ways. Traditional face-to-face meetings are here to stay as the need to gather in person will remain, although we now have other alternatives.

In this past year we’ve witnessed the development of different types of virtual platforms. Duoson Multimedia was already well on its way to migrating towards these new technologies. The demand for these types of virtual meetings increased exponentially. We have increased our inventory of video conferencing and webcast equipment. We also now have studios set up for virtual events as well as RSI (remote simultaneous interpretation) studios where we have held many events.

For the Fall we are expecting the return of face-to-face gatherings as well as a demand for “hybrid” events. This type of event offers our clients multiple advantages such as allowing participants who would otherwise have to travel to participate virtually.

We at Duoson have the expertise to offer our clients the option of holding their events in person, virtually or a mix of the two with “hybrid” events.

For the past 40 years we have always been there for our clients, and we will continue to do so.

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